Around the World #9

Helloooo and welcome to the 9th episode of Around the World 😀

I firmly believe that if you have a book in your hand, you do not need to travel the world to actually see it! It’s true that books are our passports to the entire world. You do not need a visa to explore any country only if you know what book to pick!

To help you pick the right book in order to visit a particular part of the world, I invited bloggers from all over to share a book that they think best represents the place where they live.

I am very excited as today I have a Middle Eastern Book Blogger Mariam talking about Lebanon! Mariam has a very unique blog called The Bookish Wormy, do check her out.

Hello bookish people! My name is Mariam a book blogger over at the bookish wormy and this is my first time as a blog guest so a big thank you to Eram.

As for today I’m taking you along with me to visit Lebanon a country in the Middle East that is small enough on the map you can easily not notice it, the native language is Arabic but we also study English or French in schools, sometimes both! As for the scenery I could tell you about it but I rather just show you a few photos taken by me and some family members.





18114449With these pictures looking nice and all there is also sadness and ugliness to Lebanon that is why I’m recommending ‘An Unnecessary Woman’ by Rabih Alameddine. Reading this book you will get an idea about the tragedies of this country as our main character Aaliya who works in a bookshop and translates books in secret tells us her story from childhood till old age portraying familial bonds (which are not exactly nice but are still found more often than not in the community), the civil war and community dynamics still I have to say that I was really sad that there was no mention of foods in this book as it is an important aspect in the culture but I think it did well overall so if you like to know a little bit more about Lebanon I think this could be a good introduction.

Thank you for reading!

Thank you Mariam for the lovely pictures and the equally lovely post! ❤

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