Cure For Your Hunger Games Hangover!

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Flow by Clare Littlemore

About the Book

  • Genre: Young Adult| Dystopian
  • Length: 308 pages on Kindle
  • Published on 20th August 2017 by Clare Littlemore

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads Synopsis

A world in tatters. A society where rebellion is not tolerated. A girl desperate to discover the truth.

Sixteen year old Quin lives in The Beck, a saviour society. Her community has risen from the ruins of a land shattered by Mother Nature. But Beck law is tough. Quin knows that the rules must be followed in order to sustain life in a place where floodwaters constantly threaten existence. A single violation could land her in Clearance.

But some laws are harder to follow than others. And as Quin discovers the horrifying truth, she knows she cannot stay silent forever.

Flow is the first in a series of books about a group of people struggling to survive after their world has been annihilated by devastating floods.

Warning: contains violence and some upsetting scenes. Recommended for a 13+ audience.

My thoughts…

Highlight to view Content Warning: Violence in the form of public whipping, scenes with blood and nasty wounds etc.

We have to do things we hate just to survive here. You can’t be sentimental.

You know that feeling when you read a really good book and all you can do is just squeal in delight? That’s what’s happening with me right now! Even as I write this review, all I can think about is the next book in the series ‘Break’ and how badly I want to read it. I had to write this review before I started reading ‘Break’ and trust me the struggle was real, it is taking me all my will power to not start reading that book right away!

This review might end up as ‘The One Where ERK squeals’. You have been warned!

OK, OK, now let’s try to form coherent sentences for the review.

Straight off the bat, I loved this book! I have found that I really enjoy reading dystopian fiction and if you too are like me, you will adore this one!

Clare Littlemore’s debut is a master-piece and it stands out in a fabulous way! This one is a gripping, absolute page-turner and you will be sucked into the story right from the start.

Everything in this book was perfect; the character building, the world building and especially the writing. The writing was straight to the point, simple yet wonderfully managed to translate the scenes and surroundings in the reader’s mind. This book is told from the protagonist, Quin’s POV. The first person POV really helped to develop a relationship with Quin and to feel ‘for’ as well as ‘with’ her. When you are able to feel happy for the character, cry with her/him or even when you see yourself reflected in the character, that’s when you know you have found the perfect read and this was one such book.

Littlemore made sure that the reader had an accurate description of life in The Beck, the dystopian society Quin is a part of. She provides us with a glimpse into the day-to-day life of the characters and in doing so, perfectly lays the foundation of a fabulous world-building. We get to see Quin and her friends work in the ‘Agric/Agriculture’ sector and communicate in their secret, wordless language. Wordless, because some of the many ‘sectors’ of The Beck do not allow any kind of communication. There are various sectors in The Beck which function for different reasons to ensure the continuity of the society, some of them are ‘Livestock’, ‘Sustenance’, ‘Patrol’ etc. While some may say that the book starts out slow, I feel that the book starts out just right, letting us know how The Beck functions. World building is quite important for me especially in dystopian and Fantasy genres.

Quin is a character who will resonate with many people. She loves her friends dearly and does everything in her capacity to help them but she also knows when to step back. She makes sure that her own survival isn’t at stake when she chooses her battles and honestly there is nothing wrong with that. You start to appreciate this fact more when you find out about the place failed citizens go to: The Clearance. A mysterious and ominous place from where no one returns. A place where people are

Abandoned, as if for disposal.

Flow by Clare Littlemore

Quin is a normal girl struggling to make sure that she doesn’t end up in Clearance until she can no longer ignore the blatant atrocities, until she finds out.

Now, I know too much. The burden of knowledge lay heavy on my mind.

Quin along with all the other characters in this book was exceptionally developed. I loved Quin’s friends Harper and Cassidy. I loved how all of them were so different from each other yet inseparable. Quin is an ‘average’ citizen until she finds out, Cass is an adventurous, short-tempered soul ready to take risks, Harper is the one with a sensible head, the voice of reason. Both Cass and Quin worked really hard to make sure that they could provide the protection Harper needed. When they were eventually separated, I was torn, it was traumatizing. The characters which came later and even those who appeared for shorter periods of time left their marks. I loved Tyler and I am rooting for Cameron, the patrol guy ❤ 😉

The interaction between characters was one belittled with apprehension and doubt.

In a community where testing was constant and rejection a permanent threat, trust and honesty were hard to come by.

Hence, it wasn’t sudden, the right atmosphere was first built for the interaction to happen. Not only was communication barred but genders were kept segregated in the Lower Beck sectors. I loved how Quin’s curiousity was depicted when she first mingled with the opposite sex.

Romance isn’t at the core of this book but a few sweet moments stolen here and there made me go ‘aww’! I am literally rooting for Quin and Cam ❤️ They were simply adorable.

The story moved forward at a fairly rapid pace. I could find no moment in the book where the plot slacked even a bit. Littlemore knows how to keep you interested and the way she managed to make the right person appear at the right moment made me love her more! I managed to read this in what can be called a sitting.

I am picking up the second book as soon as I finish writing this! If you loved ‘Hunger Games’, this one is for you!

This was a very promising debut and I have added Clare Littlemore to my list 😊

Rating: Well? What do you expect?

Book Review: Flow by Clare Littlemore


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