5 Signs You Are A Geek!

This post is brought to you by a geek herself and if you are reading this, you probably are one too! This geek dug out deep and came up with 5 definite signs that will finally help you confirm your own geekness.

By the way, I do take offence on this google definition of a geek:

an unfashionable or socially inept person.

but totally back this one!

a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the diagnosis!

Sign 1: You get the best grades in the class even when you don’t put in much ‘effort’

You just emerge out of the classroom, your friends inquire about your performance in the exam and you tell them that it was ‘OK’. You truly believe that your performance wasn’t up to the mark but then you receive the papers and well, what do you know! You couldn’t have actually performed any better 😂

This scenario was played on ‘repeat’ mode when I was in school. Nothing has baffled me more than my ability to actually get good grades in spite of not working that hard for it. I remember once when my friends actually interviewed me on the topic and asked for ‘advise’ and all I could tell them was that there is no secret way, I study just like the rest of you. They had a hard time believing that.

Sign 2: You prefer conversations involving school/books/studying

You instantly feel the need to abandon your group and run over to the group discussing why Snape was more a villain than a hero (jk 😀 ). But yes, the basic essence of it all is that you prefer to have conversations revolving around said topics. You feel pumped up when someone asks you for a book recommendation, you get unnecessarily excited for school projects and you probably are the one who spearheads group projects! Oh, and also your mates know your value and come running to you, mostly to copy your homework 😞

Sign 3: You categorize people based on the above point

You are a fairly approachable person, you don’t have any rivals and generally speaking, you are on talking terms with the whole class. But, only a few people make it to your list of people you can call ‘friends’. That selection is almost always based on the type of conversation you have with them (see sign 2). You make a mental note of all those conversations and if you deem the person interesting enough, one that fits well with ‘your type of people’, you make sure they become your friends. They may be few but you know your dragons and that’s what matters!

Sign 4: College talk always excites you!

You have been dreaming about going to College since you were…… you don’t exactly remember, but it has been a long time! By the time you are in high school, you probably are the only one who knows about every possible college in your city/area plus the courses they offer. You can’t wait for college to start and have a hard time understanding how some people claim to not enjoy college. College is important for you and if you are in college currently, you enjoy it (mostly).

Sign 5: Stationary is your second love!

Second cos books and chocolates take up the first spot!

You are instantly drawn to the stationary section of the shops. You love pens and own at least a couple dozen. Your diary collection is enviable and your mom makes sure to remind you that you don’t use them every single time you decide to buy a new one. You don’t use them because you don’t want to ruin them and are waiting for the perfect opportunity, time and subject to begin writing!

There you have it, 5 signs to help you diagnose your geekness. If you agree with at least 3 of the above, congratulations and welcome to Geekdom! You are fabulous and here is your throne (you instantly get one, because you are a QUEEN/KING) and some cake!

gif credits: giphy.com

9 thoughts on “5 Signs You Are A Geek!

  1. I guess I’m not a geek then 😀
    I barely pass my subjects, I don’t like talking about school, I rarely talk to people at school, I had no idea what I wanted to do after 9th grade and I only own few pens. I have few of those I love and stick to them. I was the worst at keeping diary but I bought bujo last year and I’m starting my second one next month.

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