What Does My Handwriting Reveal About My Personality? #1

I have always been intrigued with graphology. The art of decoding a person’s personality via their handwriting is a phenomenal feat! You can know so much about the person without them even uttering a word. Hence, when I saw an article on the internet written by a journalist who had recently gotten her handwriting analysed, my curiosity piqued. I decided to give it a shot myself and have my handwriting analysed. The Graphologist who analysed the said journalist’s handwriting was Elaine Charal. I contacted her and she was kind enough to give me not only an analysis of my writing but also an interview 😀

So, today’s post is nowhere related to what I usually post albeit an interesting one! Without further ado, let’s get straight to the first part-the interview! This will be a 2 part post, so the second post containing my writing profile will go up on Thursday (:

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The Interview

  • Welcome to Musings of A Confuzzled Reader, Elaine! Let’s start off with the beginning, what ignited your interest in graphology?
    I got interested in Handwriting when in the 1970’s someone I didn’t know analyzed my Handwriting and within 30 seconds pinpointed that I had acquired some of the precise fears/defenses my mother had and had vowed I would never be guilty of. I thought if he could pinpoint that within 30 seconds, I have to study this, and I enrolled in the IGAS Basic Course (based in Chicago at the time), and then took their Master Course, and then carried on with some other Graphological courses through a learning institute in California.
  • Interesting! So, do you think a person’s handwriting is actually a form of art? Is it similar to how one expresses herself/himself via art? Should I be proud if my handwriting gets me compliments?
    I don’t think of Handwriting as an art, but as a ‘paper mirror’ or ‘snapshot’ of your personality at any given time you write. Your writing is really beautiful, and I would definitely be proud of the compliments you get. I wouldn’t suggest that we treat Handwriting as an Art, but that we practice Handwriting more often (especially cursive writing) for the benefits it brings, such as enhanced brain plasticity, an aid to memory and learning, enhancement of fine motor control skills, enhancement in reading, and the fact that cursive writing lights up areas of the brain that printing and keyboarding do not.
  • I am completely blown away by those benefits of practicing cursive! So, you are saying that changing our handwriting can actually change our personalities? Can we willingly change certain attributes of our personality by changing the way we write?
    It is possible to use Graphotherapy to specifically alter small, select strokes in our Handwriting and, after practice, and when it becomes ‘normal’ for us to write integrating the new stroke structure into our script, we will know we have integrated the new trait (to strengthen an existing strength or to mitigate a fear/defense stroke).
  • Oh, this is getting fascinating! Say I want to enhance my public speaking ability, is that too possible by changing the way I write? [Elaine is also a very talented Public Speaker]
    I wouldn’t suggest changing the way you write to become a good speaker; it is enough that you are passionate about enhancing your speaking ability. I would suggest it might be a good idea for you to enroll in a Dale Carnegie Speaking Course to get the practice you need to build your confidence. Your writing is beautifully controlled and expressed: The retracing in your ‘d’ and ‘t’ stem suggests a ‘dignity’ and ‘self-possession’ that could perhaps make public speaking a challenge for you lest you feel a loss of control or too much exposed … doing the Dale Carnegie course could help you become comfortable with speaking in a manner of styles, always telling your own story and relating your own experiences and, in the process, become more comfortable with speaking in front of a group.
  • Thank you Elaine, I will definitely look into that. Over the years you must have analysed many handwritings, is there a distinction between a way an extrovert and an introvert would write?
    In Basic Stroke terms, a smaller writing suggests someone who is more introverted, and a larger writing suggests someone who is more extroverted.
  • While browsing your website, I read the article on Cursive handwriting and was shocked to know so many benefits it has which included improving literacy rates and even health! Can you shed light on this topic?
    As I mentioned above, studies have found that cursive writing lights up areas of the brain that printing and keyboarding do not. Studies have also found that students who write their notes retain more learning than those who take the notes on their computers. It has also been found that cursive writing enhances a child’s fine motor skills, enhances brain plasticity, develops self-discipline in a positive way, promotes self-esteem, and more. To more fully answer this question, I quote from a book entitled “Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life” by Vimala Rodgers. “Our handwriting is far more than a succession of words put together to create a means of communication. It is a map of our attitude toward life, a labyrinthine pathway to long-forgotten hiding places inside a diagram of our unconscious mind”.In simple terms, our writing patterns are clear indications of how we feel about ourselves. They are a measure of our self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-reliance; they indicate our fears as well as our unique abilities. Self-image is the lens through which we see life, and handwriting patterns mirror the components of the prescription in that lens.“Although the hand holds the pen, it is the brain that causes it to move as it does. When we write, each movement of the pen not only reflects the attitudes we have about ourselves, it reinforces them. Each time we press the pen to the paper to create a letter formation, connect letters, or shape a margin, we are declaring “This is who I am”. The more often we write in a specific manner, the more deeply that attitude is ingrained in our psyche.”“Graphotherapy is the behavioural science that invites the writer to take pen in hand and change self-defeating aspects of the personality by altering specific strokes in the handwriting.”

  • This may seem a tad silly but would couples benefit from getting their handwriting analyzed to check compatibility?
    Couples would definitely benefit by having their writing analyzed, even if to explore their individual strengths as reflected in their handwriting and to learn more about each other so that they can work to understand their similarities and differences to strengthen their partnership.

Thank you so very much Elaine!

Stay tuned for the next part ❤

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