Mid Month Musings!

Hey loves!

It’s 16th of October and though I usually ”chat” with you all through the Sunday Posts, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the first half of the month in a more informal chit-chatty type of post.

Well, you all know that I am doing Blogtober aka a post a day everyday for the month of October. I wouldn’t say that this isn’t hectic! I knew well enough what Blogtober would mean for me and the blog but I decided to dive in head first. The primary reason for such a drastic and last minute decision was my desire to take my blog ‘more seriously’. I was very callous about the blog and had been trying for the past three to four months to form a schedule. I failed 😂 But now, I can’t imagine not posting! Phew! Blogtober served it’s purpose 👍

I want to take this blog far! I do envision myself blogging for a long time. I want to make sure that it’s something worthwhile in the long run. For now, the aspect I am concentrating on is growth, which is going really well btw!  I still have no clue about some of the tech stuff that most bloggers know and I probably should too. For the life of me, I can’t figure out what SEO is, what self hosting implies etc. But hey, I am trying to learn. Do you have any recommendations for a free online course to learn all this stuff?

These past 15 days, I haven’t really done much in my real life. It has been a whirlwind honestly and these 15 days seemed to have passed in a jiffy! So, no progress on any of those ‘life goals’ I talked about previously.

Talking about goals, remember my October TBR post? If you are expecting me to say that I finished half/ nearly all of the books on that list , HAHA 🤣 How could you even think of such a thing? I just managed to read a book from this list and in fact I have just finished it, before writing this post! It was a good read, I have to gather my thoughts on it but as of the moment, I am somewhat confused. Back to the list, I might start another book tonight, I have no idea which one it would be 🤔 You see these are decisions I prefer to take on a whim! The reason why I couldn’t read more from that list was because of these books that I have been raving about! They both are from the same series which is called Flow ❤️ I reviewed the first book a couple days back, if you haven’t checked it out yet, please do! Click here 🤗

I like to think that this month I had quite a few ‘good’ posts although, I can’t really be the judge here. Have you read any of the Blogtober posts? Which one qualified as a good post in your eyes?

I have so many things going on in my head that it’s difficult to properly explain any thought or idea. Blogging wise, I am thinking of tweaking up the design a bit and implementing it for the next month 🙈 I don’t even know how I will do that yet! I am also thinking of starting a series or hosting a read-along which again is pretty much just in my thoughts. I would love to know your thoughts on this.

The weather is lovely! Cool breezes, lower temperatures, no sweat? I am sold! It’s finally beginning to feel like Autumn 🍁 Speaking of autumn, did you check out my post titled ‘Autumn Is The Best Time of The Year‘? I am good at promoting my content 😂

So now that I have rambled enough, tell me about you! What’s up with you? How has October been to you so far? Also, do you think this was a pathetic write up to even qualify as a post? 🙈

10 thoughts on “Mid Month Musings!

  1. ERK YOU KNOW YOU CAN HOP RIGHT ON IN DISCORD AND ASK RIGHT?!?! I mean, most of us don’t mind as long as you’re not abusing it, but self hosting is a LOT of info. Do feel free to ask about that anytime! And you’re welcome to peep into my emails or DMs or whatever you’re comfortable with as well. 🤗

    Don’t burn yourself out – it never ends well. I don’t think you were on Discord the other day, but please take it easy on yourself with blogging – I’d hate to see you but out. 😞

    And no, not pathetic at all! ♥️

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      And no, don’t worry I won’t burn myself out. I have been wise (surprisingly 😂) and have written up a couple of posts beforehand and hence have a stock of posts for the days when I don’t want to write one.


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  2. October has been quite a hectic month from me what with school + life + work and still trying to find time to read. I am hoping by next week i’ll be less overwhelmed.
    I loved the post. I love these intimate like convesations and enjoy them a lot.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed this post ♥️ I can definitely understand the stress. I have been experiencing similar things and am looking forward to a more ‘relaxed’ new year ☺️ Hope you are having a great week!

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  3. I love this post! It’s fun to know the blogger’s innermost thoughts with their blog. I joined a Facebook group called Start a Money Making Blog and it’s helped me a bunch with figuring out how to run my blog if you wanted to check it out! I also want to blog long term, but I’m having trouble driving more traffic to it so I’m working on that 😉 Have fun with the rest of Blogtober. I look forward to reading more of these posts 💕

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    1. Glad you liked this post! 💕 I would love to know about the fb group but I haven’t made a page/account for the blog. I think I should make one tho 🤔 seems there are a lot of groups that I can join and learn.
      I wouldn’t say that I have ‘problems’ driving traffic because I think I don’t have a big enough blog yet 🙈 The stats are really uneven, some days they just boom and at others it’s difficult to even get 50 views 😪

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