What Does My Handwriting Reveal About My Personality? #2

In the previous post, I talked all about Handwriting and it’s various implications with graphologist, Elaine Charal. In today’s post we are diving deeper, well in actuality, you will be diving deeper and visualising the individual that is me. Elaine used my handwriting as a tool to describe my personality. I am baffled at how accurate some of these observations are! I even sent this analysis to a friend and asked her to analyse the analysis and let me know how much of it is actually me.

Click here to check out part one!

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into the analysis!

This is the actual writing sample that Elaine used to decode me. This is my handwriting!

Handwriting Sketch for Eram Rizwan

Hello, Eram! Your slight forward slant indicates your empathy toward others: people genuinely like you and seek your advice and counsel. This slight forward slant makes you a natural counselor. Your writing has a perfect rhythm, or cadence that lends stability, control and integration to your personality. This enhances your organizational ability and your ability to re-establish your routine when something proves disrupting. The greek e’s leaning against your letter r’s indicate your love of learning and challenge, together with your need for as harmonious an environment as possible.

The lead-in stroke to your letter ‘h’ is suspended above your baseline, indicating your strong need to be needed; this need results in you strongly reaching out to others. The break-away stroke in the mid-portion of your letter h’s indicate your initiative: you don’t wait for much, but go after whatever needs to be done.

Your sharp-topped s’s indicate your ‘steadfastness’: In other words, if you’re interrupted in a task you have the ability to deal with the interruption quickly and get back to what you were doing. This stroke also indicates your good level of common sense.

Most of your t-bars stand alone, indicating your matter-of-fact outlook; however, your figure-8 ‘f’ in the word ‘far’ and the figure-8 stroke in the word ‘If’ both indicate a fluidity of mind that not only enhances your communication ability, but also helps you communicate well with those who see things in ‘shades of gray’. Therefore, being able to communicate well with both styles of thinkers, you have the best of all communication worlds! Many of your t-bars are to the right of your t-stems, indicating ‘impatience’: when you want something you set out to achieve it in the most expeditious manner possible.

The v-wedges at the base of your m’s and n’s indicate your sharp analytical ability; the corresponding upper v-wedges indicate your ‘investigative’ qualities: Put these together and you have a positive need to control your life/destiny/decisions.

The leftward oval around some of your a’s and d’s indicates you prefer to deal with some uncomfortable situations when you’re ready and only then: this is a protection and helps you move past ‘no’ or criticism, and helps you deal with issues in your own time and on your own terms (even if at the same time certain issues may not be dealt with right away).

For privacy reasons, I have blocked out my signature from the above specimen. Your signature itself is illegible, indicating you to be a private person who’s quite selective about those you allow close. Your signature angles upward on your page, indicating your optimism. The underscore effect beneath your signature indicates your good self-reliance.

Phew! Just putting the above analysis out there took a lot of courage! I feel kind of exposed but then most of what is written above would seem vague to a person who doesn’t know me and it’s not like I was putting private information on display.

Now, comes the interesting part. I personally agree with everything written above but I wanted someone to give me an unbiased opinion on it. I approached a long time friend and asked her to tell me what she thought. She kind of went overboard with this and wrote an entire essay! 😛 Enjoy!

Truth about handwriting sketch of Eram Rizwan.

Hello, folks!

I am here to tell you the truth about the handwriting analysis of my dear friend!

Let’s start…

#Empathy towards others ~ understanding others feelings or even thoughts to some extent has always been a part of her personality which makes people tempted to unburden themselves in front of her. So yes I fondly agree with our Miss ERK being tagged as a natural counselor.

#Stability&control ~ let me tell u all what will be your first impression of ERK… calm, composed and confident. And as far as organisational ability is concerned… come on guys! Do I really need to say anything about this… we can all see how well the blog looks, doesn’t it? 😉

#initiative ~ well yes she doesn’t wait for things to happen because she can’t… impatience you see… but yeah if there is something she wants to get done and it is in her capacity to do it, then rest assured it will be a done deal.

#Steadfastness ~ Affirmative

#impatience ~again people see I asked for few minutes to write this and she just can’t wait🤷🏻‍😏

#investigative quality ~ OMG seriously yess… she will get right to the root…

#deal with situations (protection)  ~it’s true though and a good thing which helps her in maintaining her composure but if I may say so, at times it may make others feel that you are too far… at times you may rely on others… your protection can also act as a barrier.

#Private person ~ duh..definitely!

#Optimism ~ Well yes… it happened,it hurt, let’s get to the next chapter… she can find good even if she doesn’t want to.

#Self-reliance ~it suits her perfectly. She is strong enough to overcome obstacles with her powers alone… and I think she knows it….

So I conclude by saying that Miss Elaine Charal couldn’t have described ERK’s personality any better. This is totally apt.

What’s with the hashtags tho? 😛

5 thoughts on “What Does My Handwriting Reveal About My Personality? #2

  1. That’s amazing! I’d love to get my handwriting analyzed someday. I do have to say I agree with you on empathizing with others, we’ve only been friends for a few weeks and I can see the need you have to help and understand others. Love ya hun. xx

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