Around the World #10

Welcome to the final installment of Season 1 of this series! We will definitely get back to visiting more places in Season 2. Vacation mode must come to an end right?

I firmly believe that if you have a book in your hand, you do not need to travel the world to actually see it! It’s true that books are our passports to the entire world. You do not need a visa to explore any country only if you know what book to pick!

To help you pick the right book in order to visit a particular part of the world, I invited bloggers from all over to share a book that they think best represents the place where they live.

Today we are going to be guided around Wales by the lovely Danielle from W Books n Thoughts.

I am Danielle from W Books n Thoughts.  The Book I choose to talk about is “The legend of Brave BeddGellert”.

I am going to take you on a brief journey through Wales and why I like it and live here.

Wales is a land which is full of life, from the roaming valleys hillside, to the big cities like Cardiff. It is also home to the well known Welsh Male Voice Choirs throughout the country.

I was born and raised here and although situated in the South Wales countryside I was nearly always around the Welsh accent and Welsh language. Sadly (through my own choice), I never learnt the mother tongue Welsh & speak only fluent English.

The “Valleys of Wales are known through history as being one of the main sources of the UK’s Coal Mines, Many, if not all, were shut down before the 1990s. Only a few still exist and are tourist sites. The flag for Wales includes a Dragon, “The red dragon is often seen as symbolising all things Welsh, and is used by many public and private institutions” (Wikipedia, 16.10.18).

Image from wikipedia



My blog site (About page):

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BeddGelert – legend summary:

“…The name Beddgelert means in Welsh ‘The grave of Gelert’. Every year thousands of people visit the grave of this brave dog…”

About Gelert:

About the Welsh Dragon (Via Wikipedia): …”

Thank you so much Danielle ❤

PS: I am and will be on the hunt for bloggers for the second season. If you want to contribute, DM me on twitter (@er_reads) or use the contact form.

11 thoughts on “Around the World #10

  1. Great post, as always! I love the idea of exploring the world through books.

    If you ever want more stories about the UK check out Ben Aaronovitch’s Peter Grant series. It has amazing descriptions of London (though sadly we don’t really have a magical police force… or do we?!!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for the recommendation! I have a love affair with London and it’s not even ‘love at first sight’ because I have sadly never been to the place :/ I enjoy reading books based in London or The UK for that matter. There is an air polite poshness about the place. I will definitely try to check out the series. (you may actually have one!!)


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