A 20-something book loving, book crazy gal promises to keep you entertained with her book related musings. Meet The Confuzzled Reader herself, Eram Rizwan Khan (ERK).

Hey, HEY, hEY!

Welcome to my little corner of the world. The place where I sometimes pour my heart out to you and at others talk to you about books, which is most of the times 😀 Who doesn’t love reading? Turns out most of the 7 bn population of the world doesn’t! I belong to the small portion of this population who enjoy reading and often use it as an escape means. Entertainment can be consumed in many forms, the form I like best is reading. Letting myself lose in a book is the best experience and for giving me the ability to experience this ‘experience’, I am very thankful to The Almighty. Not everyone is capable of creating empires in their imagination. I have been to Hogwarts, I have been to Narnia and goodness knows how many other places will I get to see via these little portals called books.

Being from the minority side of the population can make you feel very lonely. It did to me and hence, here I am behind a screen talking to you about stuff that some people might label as rubbish. How incredibly ignorant are these people!

I am an ambivert. A person who isn’t sure whether they are an introvert or extrovert. I dangle in between these two ends of the spectrum never truly settling on either side. I have no problem at all when it comes to talking to strangers but I am the most coward person when it comes to talking in front of strangers. Yeah, I have a confusing and puzzling personality. And yes! You are right, the name of this blog was derived from this very strange fact about me.

Do you want me to bore you with some more facts about me? Probably not! I hear you and this is where we say goodbyes and you continue towards my home page to read my posts. You must have already followed me cos you are a sweet-heart, so I won’t remind you to do that 😉

Take care, stay blessed and good-bye!