–Not accepting any new review requests at the moment–
Kindly ensure that you read this page before sending your review requests or cover reveal requests.

Forms accepted:

  • Physical copies (ARC or Finished Copy)
  • EBook (All formats)

Please note that physical copies are given more preference. I will try to read and review them on a priority basis.

Genres I don’t review:

  • Erotica and Romance novels i.e., any novel with explicit language. No exceptions will be entertained, sorry! Also, please note that if you are planning to send a physical copy, please make sure that it does not contain a cover with an explicit (or suggesting anything similar) image.
  • Non-fiction books (Biographies, auto-biographies, how-to’s etc). Exceptions are possible but rare.
    > If you plan to send a biography, an auto-biography or a memoir, please note that I will not review and rate it. I will present my thoughts on it and recommend the book to others. This decision stems from the fact that I in no way want to judge another’s life. While reviewing, I critique the story, the plot, the characters which will not be possible to do with the said genre.
  • Anything involving religion for example, books which personify God.

Genres I review:

I will accept anything that does not fall into the above categories. I, however, assert my right to reject a request, to not post a review or to postpone the date for publishing the review unless otherwise promised.

What I will be looking for in your review request:

I have updated the contact form so that you are able to easily give me all the information I need. I would appreciate if you could provide me a bit more detail about the plot and the story in general than what is included in goodreads summaries.

Things I will include in my review:

All reviews will include the release date, goodreads synopsis, the review itself (which can be both positive and negative) and my rating. The post will also disclose that the book was received for free in exchange for a review.

Before sending a review request, please note:

  • I reserve the right to not post a review or postpone the date for publishing it.
  • Please understand that I may write a negative review if I don’t enjoy your book or you may not find my review to be what you were looking for. I am not a professional reviewer and I will not be able to provide academic reviews for your books. I write for my audience, hence the reviews tend to be more informal. If you are not open to that idea, please don’t send your request in. I highly recommend you to read some of my reviews before sending a request. By sending a review request you signify that you accept this term.


I would love to do author/blogger interviews, provided that I know them and have read their work. I would be interested in blog tours and guest blogging too. I would also consider cover reveal requests.

> Cover reveal requests will only be accepted if I have read the previous works of the author. A review plus a cover reveal request is hence the ideal option.

Where/How should you contact me?

See CONTACT page for details.

*I do not charge for reviews, cover reveals and interviews that I do on my blog.